New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:54:53 AM

20.3.HHH Water or Sewer Treatment Facility

1.  The minimum area requirement for water or sewer treatment facilities is one (1) acre.

2.  A water or sewer treatment facility is subject to all federal, state, and local stormwater and landscaping regulations.

3.  Water or sewer treatment facilities shall be located a minimum of five-hundred (500) feet from any residential district.

4.  The facility shall be screened with a solid fence seven (7) feet in height.

5.  Any subsurface leachate or surface runoff shall be contained on-site.

6.  The following shall be submitted as part of the conditional use application:

a.  A closure plan for the facility in accordance with the Louisiana Administrative Code.

b.  All processing equipment proposed to be utilized and the location and design of any noise-buffering elements, sheltering, and operating controls to minimize noise impacts.

c.  Operating methods employed to control odor, accidental combustion of materials, vectors, dust, and litter.

d.  Any and all air permits from the USEPA or other applicable regulatory authorities shall be obtained as necessary.

e.  Stormwater management and landscaping plans.