New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 6:16:58 PM

20.3.GGG.2 Telephone Exchanges

a. Telephone exchanges shall be approved by the Department of Public Works.

b. Telephone exchanges shall be on a site of at least twenty thousand (20,000) square feet. Telephone exchanges shall be set back a minimum of twenty (20) feet from all property lines from all residential districts and in accord with applicable district regulations in all other districts.

c. All structures, other than poles or self-supporting radio towers, are limited to the height requirements of the zoning district.

d. The location, character, and extent of proposed telephone exchanges shall be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director of the City Planning Commission prior to the issuance of required permits. Such review of said facilities shall ensure that the facility will be in keeping with the existing neighborhood and adjoining property’s architectural and aesthetic characteristics so that the facility will not adversely affect the existing environment of the area and will be consistent with the intent and purposes of this Ordinance to promote public health, safety, and welfare.

e. All structures and parking areas shall be adequately screened from any abutting residential district by a solid fence or hedge a minimum of six (6) feet in height.

f. In all districts, existing telephone exchanges may continue to be operated, maintained, structurally altered, or expanded provided that such expansion or alteration does not further encroach on the required yards, off-street parking requirements, or floor area ratio requirements of the applicable district regulations and provided further that such expansion is permitted only if such use is adequately screened from any abutting residential property by a solid fence or hedge at least six (6) feet in height.