New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 4:19:17 PM

20.3.GG Group Home

1. Group homes shall be licensed by the State of Louisiana.

2. Group homes are subject to all local and federal regulations and the regulations of the Louisiana Administrative Code.

3. Group homes shall be located no closer than one-thousand (1,000) feet from any other existing group home, as measured from a point of the lot line on which such use is proposed to be located to the nearest point on the lot line on which any other existing similar use is located.

4. A group home shall encompass the entire structure.

5.  The location, design, and operation of the group home shall not alter the residential character of the neighborhood. The facility shall retain a residential character, which shall be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. New buildings shall be non-institutional in design and appearance and physically harmonious with the neighborhood in which they are located considering such issues as scale, appearance, density, and population.

6.  Group homes are divided into the following sizes:

a.  Group home - small: Up to six (6) residents

b.  Group home - large: Seven (7) to fifteen (15) residents

c.  Group home - congregate: Sixteen (16) or more residents