New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 5:41:46 PM

20.3.EE Gas Station

1.  Gas station canopies shall be designed with lighting recessed under the canopy to minimize light pollution.

2.  All gas station driveways shall be located and designed to ensure that they will not adversely affect the safety and efficiency of traffic circulation on adjoining streets. Gas stations are limited to two (2) curb cuts. For a corner lot, curb cuts are restricted to one (1) curb cut on each street.

3.  Gas stations may offer convenience items for sale. Retail sales of alcoholic beverages is a separate principal use and is only permitted when allowed in the zoning district.

4.  All structures shall comply with the building design standards of the zoning district. Public entrances shall face the street. Attendant structures shall include windows to allow visibility to all parts of the site.

5.  Gas stations shall be effectively screened from view at the edges of sites adjacent to residential properties in order to minimize the impact of exterior site lighting and headlight glare. Such screening shall consist of a masonry wall, a solid fence, or dense evergreen hedge at least six (6) feet in height. Plant materials shall be installed along the fence or wall to provide a softening effect.

6.  Gas stations may also include an automatic car wash with one (1) bay.

7.  In addition, gas stations may be included accessory to a “Minor Motor Vehicle Repair and Service” establishment. However, “Minor Motor Vehicle Repair and Service” areas are subject to the provisions of this Article.

8.  A minimum five (5) foot front landscape yard shall be provided along a public right-of-way. The site shall meet all applicable requirements of Article 23. 

9.  The volume on any audio component shall be maintained at a level so as not to be audible in adjoining residential districts. The volume on any audio component shall comply with all local noise regulations.

10.  Gas stations are comprised of three (3) main areas: the main structure including parking area, the fuel pump island(s), and the fuel tank “tank farm” area. All development plans for gas stations shall indicate each of these three (3) areas. The fuel tank “tank farm” area shall include the following information: the number, size, and configuration of all underground storage tanks.

11.  All underground storage tanks and fuel delivery systems shall meet or exceed minimum requirements, as regulated by EPA and DOT, for leak detection and preventative measures. 

12.  All stormwater runoff from site operations shall be discharged into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), subject to the following:

a.  Stormwater from the main structure area is not permitted to run off into the fuel pump island(s) and the fuel tank “tank farm” areas. 

b. The fuel pump island(s) and the fuel tank “tank farm” areas shall be sloped in such a way as to funnel stormwater into grass or vegetative strips contained within the site.

c. The fuel pump island(s) and the fuel tank “tank farm” areas shall be constructed as a spill containment pad to prevent stormwater run-off onto the adjacent main structure areas and all other areas not protected by a grass of vegetative strip.