New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 5:32:52 PM

20.3.C.7 Standards for Livestock

20.3.C.7.a General Requirements   

i.  A minimum site size of one (1) acre is required to keep livestock.

ii.  The maximum number of the following types of livestock animals that may be permitted on an agricultural use shall be in accordance with the standards provided below in Table 20-1: Minimum Lot Area for Livestock. As part of the conditional use approval, these standards will be used as the basis for establishing a standard for any animal not included in the table.

Table 20-1: Minimum Lot Area for Livestock



Horse, mule, cow, or llama

43,560 square feet (1 acre)

Goat or sheep

14,520 square feet (1/3 acre)


4,356 square feet (1/10 acre)


50 square feet

Duck or other fowl (excluding chickens)

50 square feet

More than 6 chickens

50 square feet per chicken after first 6

iii.  All livestock shall be kept so as not to cause any adverse impact, including but not limited to odor, noise, drainage, or pest infestation, on any other property. The presence of any such impact constitutes a violation of this Ordinance and a public nuisance that the Director of the Department of Safety and Permits and/or the Director of the Department of Health may require to be abated at the expense of the owner of the livestock and/or the owner of the property on which the livestock is kept.

iv.  All livestock shall be kept in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 18 of the City Code.

20.3.C.7.b Additional Information for Conditional Use Applications   

Any application for a conditional use to permit livestock shall indicate the following information, in addition to all other information required as part of the conditional use application:

i.  The location, size, height, and materials of all structures, shelters, enclosures, and any other improvements proposed to be provided for the keeping, raising, care, maintenance, and/or other activities associated with the livestock.

ii.  The maximum number of each type of animal proposed to be kept at the farm for any period of time.

iii.  The storage and disposal of animal waste. 

20.3.C.7.c Enclosure and Shelter   

i.   All livestock shall be kept within fences, corrals, barns, enclosures, or pens.

ii.  All livestock shall be provided sanitary and sound shelter, in accordance with Chapter 18 of the City Code.

iii.  All agricultural uses with livestock shall provide an appropriate method of protecting livestock in the event of flooding.

iv. Agriculture use operators may include office and meeting spaces within structures on lots with an agriculture use, so long as such structures are ancillary to the agriculture operation and not the primary function of the land, and must be less than 20% of the entire land space occupied by the agriculture operation.