New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:15:25 AM

20.3.C.5 Presence of On-Site Licensed Operator

An agricultural use shall require a license issued by the Department of Finance in accordance with regulations promulgated, or to be promulgates, by that Department pursuant to Sec. 2-1001 of the Code of the City of New Orleans. On on-site operator must be present at any lot subject to an agricultural use no less than two times per week while crops are active. If the agricultural use includes animal husbandry - with the exception of apiaries - the operator of the agricultural use must have a daily presence on site. All lots constituting the agricultural use shall be indicated on any permit or license for the agricultural use.

Ord. 29278 MCS, 12-19-19, ZD 079/19;