New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:07:07 AM

20.3.C.4 Operational Standards

a.  Dead plants, produce, and trash not used for composting or other gardening functions shall be removed from the site at the next available time of sanitation pick up, and at least weekly. 

b.  Except in the R-RE District and any Centers of Industry District, mechanical equipment may only be used during daylight hours.

c.  Regulated materials, such as chemicals, fertilizers, and toxins, shall not drain onto adjacent properties, into waterways, or onto public rights-of-way. Chemicals and other flammable materials shall be disposed of in accordance with federal and state requirements. If stored on-site, such chemicals or flammable materials shall be kept in waterproof containers in a locked structure when unattended.

d.  A sign containing the contact information for the agricultural use operator shall be posted at or within five (5) feet of the front lot line consistent with required setbacks. For any lots that constitute a portion of an agricultural use as a whole, but are not contiguous with the lot on which on which the owner or licensed operator of the farm resides, or where any lot in agricultural use does not include a resident or licensed operator of the farm present daily, an additional sign is required. Such signs shall not exceed a height of seven (7) feet and shall not exceed one (1) square foot in area.

Ord. 29278 MCS, 12-19-19, ZD 079/19;