New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:53:38 AM

20.3.C.3 Food Preparation, Processing, and Packaging

a.  Post-harvest handling (defined as but not limited to trimming, washing, weighing, bunching, bagging, boxing, labeling, and dry, cold or frozen storage) and home food processing of all produce grown on site is permitted as part of any agricultural use. 

b.  Food may be prepared, processed, or packaged at an agricultural use located in any district in which food processing is a permitted use, or in any zoning district where food processing is a conditional use, upon approval.

c.  In any zoning district in which food processing is classified as a conditional use, a property owner may apply for a conditional use to permit the preparation, processing, or packaging of food or other products of any plants or livestock raised on the agricultural use. 

Ord. 29278 MCS, 12-19-19, ZD 079/19;