New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 5:18:20 PM

20.3.BB Employment Services

1. A minimum of six-hundred (600) square feet of client waiting area within the building, including seating, shall be provided.

2. Supervised on-site, enclosed outdoor space shall be provided to accommodate the anticipated number of laborers. Indoor and outdoor accommodations shall be open a minimum of two (2) hours before assembly.

3. Adequate restroom facilities shall be provided for clients within the building in accordance with City Code. The use of temporary or portable restrooms is prohibited.

4. Call-times shall be posted outside of premises no less than two (2) hours prior to opening.

5. Sleeping accommodations are prohibited on premises.

6. A minimum distance of one-thousand (1,000) feet is required between employment service establishments.