New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 12/10/2023 11:56:46 PM

19.4.A.20 Commercial Short-Term Rental Interim Zoning District

A. Intent of the District

The intent of the Commercial Short-Term Rental Interim Zoning District is to prohibit the use Short-Term Rental, Commercial and Hostels as allowable uses within all areas of the city, and to limit the development of Timeshares with the following considerations:

B. Boundaries

The Commercial Short-Term Rental Zoning District applies to all zoning districts in which Short-Term Rental, Commercial, Hostel, and Timeshare uses are permitted by-right or conditionally.

C. Prohibited Uses

No permit or license shall be ussed for the following uses:

  1. Short Term Rental, Commercial
  2. Hostel

Permits and licenses for Timeshares shall be limited as follows:

No more than one unit or 25% of total dwelling units on a lot or a single building constructed across lot lines, whichever is greater, shall be permitted to be included within a Timeshare Plan within a Timeshare Building.

  1. In the CBD-5 Urban Core Neighborhood Lower Intensity Mixed-Use District, a Timeshare Building shall only be permitted when the total number of dwelling units is at least ten and the Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning regulations of Article 28 are triggered, and an Affordable Housing Unit is provided as required by law.
  2. This cap shall not apply to the VCE Vieux Carré Entertainment District, to structures which front on Canal Street between the Mississippi River and Rampart Street, the EC Educational Campus District, MC Medical Campus District, LS Life Science District, or the MI Maritime Industrial District Commercial and Recreational Subdistrict.

D. Appeal Procedure

Determinations as to the applicability of the Interim Zoning District to any particular property shall be made by the Department of Safety and Permits. Appeals of the Interim Zoning District shall be submitted directly to the City Council in accordance with the applicable law. The Council shall have sixty (60) days from the receipt of recommendation to act upon the appeal by motion. 

Ord. 29701 MCS, 11-7-23, Zoning Docket 62/23