New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 9:07:43 AM


A. Intent of the District

The intent of the Small Multi-Family Affordable Short Term Rental Interim Zoning District is to prohibit all short-term rentals in the "Small Multi-Family Affordable" dwelling units.

B. Location

The following zoning districts shall be included in the Small Multi-Family Affordable Short-Term Rental Interim Zoning District:

HMR-3 – Historic Marigny/Tremé/Bywater Residential District

HMC-1 - Historic Marigny/Tremé/Bywater Commercial District

HMC-2 - Historic Marigny/Tremé/Bywater Commercial District

HM-MU - Historic Marigny/Tremé/Bywater Mixed-Use District

HU-RD1 – Historic Urban Two-Family Residential District

HU-RD2 – Historic Urban Two-Family Residential District

HU-RM1 – Historic Urban Multi-Family Residential District

HU-RM2 – Historic Urban Multi-Family Residential District

HU-B1A – Historic Urban Neighborhood Business District

HU-B1 – Historic Urban Neighborhood Business District

HU-MU – Historic Urban Neighborhood Mixed-Use District

S-RD – Suburban Two-Family Residential District

S-RM1 – Suburban Multi-Family Residential District

S-RM2 – Suburban Multi-Family Residential District

S-LRD1 – Suburban Lake Vista Two-Family Residential District

S-LRD2 – Suburban Lakewood/Parkview Two-Family Residential District

S-LRM1 – Suburban Lake Area Low-Rise Multi-Family Residential District

S-LRM2 – Suburban Lake Area High-Rise Multi-Family Residential District

S-LC – Suburban Lake Area General Commercial District

S-MU – Suburban Neighborhood Mixed-Use District

S-LM – Suburban Lake Area Marina District

MU-1 – Medium Intensity Mixed-Use District

MU-2 – High Intensity Mixed-Use District

C. Prohibited Uses

If within the Small Multi-Family Affordable Use, the following are prohibited:

1. Any issuance or renewal of a Residential Short Term Rental permit or license.

2. Any issuance or renewal of a Commercial Short Term Rental permit.

D. Appeal Procedure

Appeals shall be submitted to the Executive Director of the City Planning Commission, whose staff shall review and make recommendations relative to the appeal within sixty (60) days of receipt, utilizing the following standards and criteria:

1. Is the requested appeal compatible with the surrounding land uses and structures?

2. Does the property owner have proof of owner-occupancy?

Initiated by Motion No. M-22-17; Zoning Docket 22/22; Adopted by Ord. No. 29,083 M.C.S., July 13, 2022