New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 9:14:15 AM

19.4.A.7 Algiers Riverfront Interim Zoning District (Expired 03/16/21)

A.  Intent of District. The intent of the Algiers Riverfront Interim Zoning District is to ensure that proposed uses and designs are compatible with and preserve the character and integrity of the boundaries in Algiers as provided herein, and to safeguard that no use or design is detrimental to the historic properties in the vicinity until a comprehensive vision for the future of Algiers is developed by its residents in collaboration with the City.

B.  Boundaries.  The restrictions contained herein shall apply to all lots within the following boundaries: from the Mississippi River at the Orleans Parish/Jefferson Parish line to Brooklyn Avenue, continuing along Brooklyn Avenue, including Brooklyn Avenue becoming Powder Street, continuing along Powder Street to Pelican Avenue, continuing along Pelican Avenue to Bouny Street, continuing along Bouny Street to Morgan Street, continuing along Morgan Street until it becomes Patterson Road, continuing in the easterly direction along Patterson Street right-of-way to the Bermuda Street right-of-way, and from the Bermuda Street right-of-way north to the Mississippi River.

C.  Limitations on Uses.  The use restrictions contained herein shall apply in addition to the use restrictions provided by the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for each base zoning district and overlay district, an in a conflict the heightened restrictions shall prevail.

a.  The following use is prohibited:

     i. Gas Station

b.  The following uses require conditional use approval by the City Council:

       i.  Amusement Facilities, Indoor

       ii.  Amusement Facilities, Outdoor

       iii.  Auditorium

       iv.  Bar

       v.  Check Cashing Establishment

       vi.  Cultural Facility

       vii.  Food Processing

       viii.  Funeral Home

       ix.  Hostel

       x.  Hotel/Motel

       xi.  Live Entertainment, Secondary Use

       xii.  Live Performance Venue

       xiii.  Manufacturing, Light

       xiv.  Motor Vehicle Service Repair, Minor

       xv.  Movie Studio

       xvi.  Warehouse

D.  Building Design Limitations.  The following building design standards and requirements shall apply to any use within the boundaries of the Algiers Riverfront Interim Zoning District:

a. Regardless of any law to the contrary, the height shall be limited to 40 feet and no more than three stories and the density as provided in the correlating base zoning district;

b.  In MU-1 and MU-2 base zoning districts, the building design standards shall be as provided in the HU-MU district.

E.  Appeal Procedure.  Any appeal to the regulations of this IZD shall be made in accordance with the applicable procedures in Article 4 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

Initiated by Motion No. M-18-438; Zoning Docket 136/18; Adopted by Ord. No. 28,020 M.C.S., Mar. 21, 2019; Extended by Ord. Nos. 28,314 M.C.S. and 28,461 M.C.S. until Mar. 16, 2021