New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 8:28:54 AM

19.4.A.6 Residential District Preservation Interim Zoning District (expired 05/11/19)

Intent of the interim zoning district

The intent of the interim zoning district is to temporarily change the use regulations for hostels from a permitted use to a conditional use in the C-1 Districts for those uses that are adjacent to a residential district.

Delineation of interim district boundaries

The Interim Zoning District applies to all C-1 Districts that are adjacent to a residential district.

Uses permitted and limitations on uses

In C-1 Districts adjacent to residential districts, hostels are conditional uses.  All other permitted, conditional, and prohibited uses within the C-1 District would subject to the base zoning district regulations.

Land use intensity, yard, lot area, and similar requirements

The regulations pertaining to bulk and yard requirements for uses in the interim zoning district remain those imposed by the base zoning district.

Special provisions necessary to the accomplishmnet of the intended intent and purpose of the district (i.e. landscaping requirements, site plan review, etc.)

There are no special provisions necessary as part of this interim zoning district.

Submittal requirements

The are no special submittal requirements.

Appeal procedure

Appeals of determinations made by the Department of Safety and Permits as to the applicability of the Interim Zoning District to any particular property are to be appealed in accordance with Article 4, Section 4.8 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

Initiated by Motion No. M-17-559; Zoning Docket 6/18; Adopted by Ord. No. 27,759 M.C.S., May 11, 2018