New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 10:10:20 AM

19.4.A.1 Open Space Permeability IZD (Expired 06/08/17)

  1. Purpose of the District.  The purpose of the interim zoning district (IZD is to create alternative standards to the Maximum Lot Coverage standards currently provided in the Bulk and Yard Tables for the various districts listed below and to substitute requirements for Minimum Permeable Open Space in the District "Bulk and Yard Tables" listed herein.  Additionally, the IZD establishes new definitions for Permeable Open Space, Impervious Surface and Permeable Paving when utilizing these standards.
  2. Area of Applicability.  This interim zoning district applies city wide within the zoning districts listed below:
  3. Rural Development Districts
  4. Historic Core Neighborhoods Residential Districts
  5. Historic Urban Neighborhoods Residential Districts
  6. Historic Urban Neighborhoods Non-Residential Districts
  7. Suburban Neighborhoods Residential Districts
  8. Suburban Neighborhoods Non-Residential Districts
  9. Commercial Center and Institutional Campus Districts
  10. Centers for Industry Districts
  11. Appeals.  Any appeal for a variance from the requirements of this district shall be submitted to the City Planning Commission for their review and recommendation in compliance with Article 4.3 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

Initiated by Motion No. M-15-367; Zoning Docket 81/15; Adopted by Ord. No. 26,726 M.C.S., Dec. 8, 2015; Extended by Ord. No. 27,213 M.C.S. until June 8, 2017