New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:44:46 AM

18.16.B Additional Design Review Approval Standards

In addition to the site plan and design review standards of Section 4.5, the following additional approval standards shall be considered:

1. Development should promote pedestrian-friendly and bicycle-friendly environments.

2. Planned developments and development at designated major intersections should include a well-designed and functional public realm, which provides publicly-accessible amenities.

3.  Parking should not be the dominant visual element of the site along the primary frontage. Parking should be designed as smaller multiple parking lots separated by landscape and buildings, or placement behind buildings.

4. The architectural design should be consistent with the context, character, scale and materials of structures in the adjacent areas.

5. Compact, transit-ready neighborhood centers with walkable environments should be created where future “bus rapid transit” stops are expected.

6. Development facing the lakefront and facing or adjacent to man-made water bodies should enhance the waterfront context, including creation of amenities through stormwater management.

7. Neon signage is prohibited on the interior or exterior of windows, other than an “open” sign.