New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/27/2023 7:21:17 PM

18.13.I.2 Building Heights

a.  Stepbacks

i.  Properties with street frontage located along Decatur Street between Elysian Fields Avenue and Saint Ferdinand Street, and street frontage on Chartres Street between Saint Ferdinand and Homer Plessy Way are permitted a maximum building height of forty (40) feet with a maximum of three (3) stories along the Decatur or Chartres Street frontage.  Additional height above forty (40) feet shall be setback from the front property line at Decatur or Chartres Street at a minimum distance of fifty (50) feet up to a maximum allowed by the base zoning district but the additional height shall be set back a minimum distance of fifty (50) feet from the Decatur Street or Chartres Street frontage.

Figure 18-4: Building Height Stepback Requirement (RIV-4 District)

ii.  Development sites with more than one-hundred (100) feet of frontage along Decatur or Chartres Streets may increase a portion (up to thirty-five percent (35%) if its primary street frontage) of their building height, to a maximum allowed by the base zoning district.

Figure 18-5: Allowable Building Height Variation Along Street


b.  Flat roofed structures should provide an adequately-sized parapet in order to mitigate the sight of rooftop equipment.

c.  Where provided as accessory flat roof features, open spaces located on roofs shall be excluded from the calculation of building height and gross floor area in accordance with Section 21.6.O.

Ord. 27,674 MCS, ยง2, March 6, 2018, Zoning Docket 085-17; Ord. 28177, Sept. 5, 2019, ZD 41/19