New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/27/2023 9:06:58 PM

18.13.F.1 Design Standards

a.  Buildings shall generally be built along the lot lines along the major access corridors.

b.  Pedestrian and main entrances shall be located on the major corridor. Curb cuts should be located on the side streets, if possible.

c.  Except for single-family and two-family dwellings, buildings shall contain ground floor commercial or institutional uses.

d.  Building façades shall contain variation in façade materials, offsets, fenestration, etc. in order to eliminate blank walls along the corridors.

e.  Developments shall contribute to traffic signaling or lane striping if deemed necessary by the Director of the Department of Public Works.

f.  Buildings shall be designed with galleries, awnings, canopies, and other weather protection devices.

g.  Historic buildings shall be retained and reused to the greatest extent possible.

h. To the greatest extent possible, site and building design under this Section should be crafted so as to complement the design of the adjacent structures.

Ord. 27,674 MCS, §2, March 6, 2018, Zoning Docket 085-17