New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 1:18:17 PM

18.13.D Protection of View Corridors

1.  No development may be located to block the view of the riverfront from any public right-of-way that extends to the riverfront or terminates prior to reaching the riverfront, but is within or abuts the boundaries of the RIV Overlay District. View corridors along such rights-of-way shall be the same width as the public street and continue to the riverfront through the overlay district as a straight line extension of the street.  The site plan submitted for site plan and design review shall indicate the location of any view corridor within the development site.

2.  Building projections, including but not limited to balconies, galleries, and overhangs, into any view corridor are limited no greater than ten percent (10%) of the width of the corridor. Such projections may encompass up to a maximum of twenty percent (20%) of the building fa├žade abutting the view corridor.

3.  Landscaping, exterior lighting, or other outdoor public amenities may be located within the view corridor to enhance the environment.

4.  When permitted in the base zoning district, parking lots are permitted within a view corridor, provided that such parking does not encroach into the twelve (12) foot minimum public access areas.