New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/27/2023 8:06:19 PM

18.11.C.3 Restaurant

a. Musical accompaniment for patrons at any restaurant (standard or specialty), shall be permitted in conformance with the following standards:

i. During the performance of any musical accompaniment, all doors and windows in the restaurant shall remain closed. Any amplification used in support of a musical accompaniment shall be directed toward the patrons of the restaurant, and not toward any door, window, or outdoor space.

ii. No  cover charge shall be charged for any performance of musical accompaniment.

iii. Full restaurant service shall continue during the performance of any musical accompaniment.

iv. No more than ten percent (10%) of a restaurant’s seating area may be dedicated to a staging area for any performance of musical accompaniment.

v. Aside from the portion of the restaurant seating area dedicated to staging of the musical accompaniment, no restaurant seating area may be removed or relocated during the performance in order to accommodate an audience and/or dance area.

vi. Performance of the musical accompaniment shall not be permitted beyond 10:00p.m. on Sundays through Wednesdays, or beyond midnight  on Thursdays through Saturdays.

vii. Musical accompaniment shall only be performed in the interior of the restaurant; outdoor musical accompaniment shall be subject to the general Live Entertainment – Secondary Use regulations, as applicable.

Any musical accompaniment for patrons at a restaurant that is not in conformance with the above standards shall be subject to general Live Entertainment – Secondary Use regulations, as applicable.

b. A Special Event Permit may temporarily relieve a restaurant from standards of this section. Special Event Permits are limited to no more than ten (10) times a year for a total of thirty (30) days per year. Performances permitted by a Special Event Permit shall be a minimum of fourteen (14) days apart.

c. Restaurants are limited to a maximum of five-thousand (5,000) square feet of gross floor area.

d. Restaurants shall close by 11:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday, or by 1:00a.m. on Friday and Saturday.