New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 10:28:01 AM

17.5.F.1 Public Plaza Benefit Formula

Floor area bonus for qualifying public plazas shall be based on the following formula:

a.  The bonus FAR is equal to the area of the proposed public plaza divided by the area of the lot on which the proposed development is located, then multiplied by the base FAR. (Bonus FAR = (area of plaza or park divided by lot area) x base FAR). For example, if the proposed public plaza has an area of 2,500 square feet, and the lot on which the development is located has an area of 20,000 square feet and a base FAR of 14, then the bonus FAR is 1.75 and the maximum FAR of the proposed development is increased to 15.75.

b. The maximum bonus that may be obtained is equal to thirty percent (30%) of the base Floor Area Ratio.