New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/27/2023 8:53:00 PM

16.4 MI District Commercial and Recreational Sub-District

16.4.A Applicability   

The regulations within this section apply to the following sub-district within the MI District: All properties in the area bounded by Chef Menteur Highway, Lake Shore Drive, France Road and the projection of its centerline, and Jourdan Road and the projection of its centerline.

16.4.B Uses   

The following uses are allowed as permitted uses within this sub-district, subject to the design standards of Paragraph C below:

1.  Boat launch

2.  Commercial marinas

3.  Recreational marinas

4.  Recreational vehicle park

5.  Short term rentals, Commercial

6. Timeshare


*Regulations effective April 1, 2017  (Ord. No. 27,209, §2)

Adopted by Ord. No. 27,209, §1, Dec. 7, 2016, Zoning Docket 61/16

16.4.C Sub-District Design Standards   

The following design standards apply to all uses listed in Paragraph B above within the MI District Sub-District. (See Figure 16-2: Waterfront Development)

1.  All structures shall comply with the building design standards of Paragraph B above, with the exception that main building entrances may be oriented to the waterfront or to an access drive. However, any main building entrance oriented to the waterfront or to an access drive shall be approved by the New Orleans Police Department, the New Orleans Fire Department, and the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services in order to ensure adequate access for public safety vehicles and equipment in the event of an emergency. 

2.  The façade articulation and visual reduction of mass and scale requirements of Paragraph B above also apply to any building façade that is visible from a body of water.

3.  Where such a use is located on a site with frontage along a body of water, a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of the water frontage of the site on which the use is located shall be maintained as open space for a minimum depth of twenty (20) feet from the water’s edge. Such open space shall be landscaped in accordance with the provisions of Article 23. Pedestrian access shall be provided within such open space through the provision of a walkway with an unobstructed view of the water.

4. With the exception of spaces designated for the accommodation of recreational vehicles at a recreational vehicle park, no off-street vehicle parking spaces, aisles, driveways, or other access drives for parking are permitted within twenty (20) feet of any frontage along a body of water. All areas located between any off-street vehicle parking area and any frontage along a body of water shall be occupied by a main building, an accessory building, a boat launch, an access drive for a boat launch, or landscape that meets the requirements of Article 23.   


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