New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:46:03 AM

15.5.E Development Standards

An Institutional Master Plan shall be designed so that the location of entrances and exits, exterior lighting, outdoor recreation areas, service areas, and parking and loading facilities will minimize traffic congestion, pedestrian hazards and adverse impacts on adjoining properties. The following standards shall be met:

1.  For structures within a campus that are located along the public right-of-way, such structures shall meet the accepted design guidelines in the approved Institutional Master Plan.

2.  The location, arrangement, size, design, and general site compatibility of buildings and lighting, including:

a.  Compatibility with, and mitigation of, any potential impact upon, adjacent property.

b.  Site illumination designed and installed to minimize adverse impact on adjacent properties.

3.  Use of screening to lessen the visual impact of the development on adjacent uses and enhance the appearance and image of the campus, and create a logical transition to adjoining lots and developments.

4.  Circulation systems and off-street parking shall:

a.  Provide adequate and safe access to the site for motor vehicles as well as alternate modes of transportation, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

b.  Minimizing potentially dangerous traffic movements.

c.  Separate pedestrian and auto circulation and provide for bicycle parking and storage insofar as practical.

d.  Clearly define pedestrian access from the parking area to the building(s). A clearly defined visible and identifiable network of pedestrian connections should be provided in and between parking lots, street sidewalks, open spaces and buildings.

e.  Clearly link to alternate modes of transportation such as public transit and bicycle paths.

f.  Provide connections from internal street networks to the larger street network outside the campus.

5.  Outdoor recreation facilities shall be located toward the center of the development. In no case may an outdoor recreation facility be located within one-hundred (100) feet of the boundary of a residential district, as determined by the residential districts currently mapped at the time the application for an EC or MS District is submitted.