New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:03:01 AM

15.6 General Standards of Applicability

All Commercial Center and Institutional Campus Districts are subject to the following standards:

15.6.A Accessory Structures and Uses   

See Section 21.6 for standards governing accessory structures and uses. 

15.6.B Temporary Uses   

See Section 21.8 for standards governing temporary uses.

15.6.C Site Development Standards   

See Article 21 for additional site development standards such as exterior lighting, environmental performance standards, and permitted encroachments. 

15.6.D Off-Street Parking and Loading   

See Article 22 for standards governing off-street parking and loading.

15.6.E Landscape, Stormwater Management, and Screening   

See Article 23 for standards governing landscape, stormwater management, and screening.

15.6.F Signs   

See Article 24 for standards governing signs.

15.6.G Overlay Districts   

See Article 18 for additional overlay district regulations, when applicable.

15.6.H Nonconformities   

See Article 25 for regulations governing nonconformities.