New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 10/3/2023 8:10:24 AM

11.3.B Building Design Standards

1. The following standards shall apply to all sites, except single and two-family residential dwellings:

a. All buildings shall provide a clearly identifiable entry from the public sidewalk at the front (primary street) elevation.

b. All buildings shall be oriented towards a public or private street in terms of architectural interest and building access.

c. To avoid the appearance of blank walls facing the street, when the side walls of a dwelling face a street, building facades shall be designed with multiple windows of a size matching those on the front elevation.

2. The following standards shall apply to all sites that meet the applicability thresholds of Section 4.5 Development Plan and Design Review:

a. Large, flat facades facing the street shall be avoided. Form-giving elements such as, but not limited to galleries, balconies, projected entrances, and overhangs are required on the street-facing façade.

b. Roof planes shall be consistent in slope, material, and detail to those typical in the area.

c. All shutters shall be operational and sized to fit windows.

d. Facades shall be designed to be viewed from multiple directions with consistent materials and treatments that wraps around all facades. There shall be a unifying architectural theme for an entire multi-family or townhouse development, utilizing a common vocabulary of architectural forms, elements, materials, and colors around the entire structure.

11.3.B.3 Parking Areas and Pedestrian Walkways   

a.  Parking is prohibited in the required front and corner side yards. Parking is prohibited in front of the building line or within five (5) feet of the front property line when located within a corner side yard. The front building line does not include any architectural features of the front façade.

b.  Driveways should be consolidated, where possible, in order to reduce curb cuts.  Adjacent residential buildings should, where possible, share driveway access.

11.3.B.4 Building Materials   

A list of prohibited building materials is included as follows. 

11.3.B.4.a Prohibited Materials   

The following materials are prohibited as the predominant surface finish material in the construction of new multi-family and townhouse developments. However, such materials may be used as part of decorative or detail elements, or as part of the exterior construction, such as a foundation course, that is not used as a predominant surface finish material.

i. Exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) (e.g.“Dryvit”)

ii. Stuccato board

iii. Vinyl