New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 10/3/2023 8:44:31 AM

11.3.A.4 Required On-Site Open Space

All townhouse and multi-family dwellings shall provide at least one-hundred twenty (120) square feet of useable on-site open space per dwelling unit. This open space may be either private open space for the dwelling unit or common open space restricted to the use of residents of the townhouse or multi-family dwelling. Such open space shall meet the following requirements:

a.  Required open space shall have a minimum dimension of at least seven (7) feet on any side.

b.  Required open space shall be located on the same lot as the dwelling unit it serves.

c.  Required open space shall be outdoors and designed for outdoor living, recreation, or landscape, including areas located on the ground and areas on decks, balconies, galleries, porches, or roofs. For multi-family dwellings, when open space is above grade, such as a balcony or gallery, it may not be located over on-site surface parking areas.

d.  The required open space area may not be contiguous, but each open space area, whether common or private, shall comply with minimum dimensional standards of Table 11-2. Common open space areas shall be accessible to all residents of the subject development.

e.  When located at ground level, the required open space area shall be substantially covered with grass, live groundcover, shrubs, plants, trees, or permeable outdoor hardscape features or amenities, such as seating areas, patios, or pools.

f.  Off-street parking and loading areas, driveways or required landscape for parking lots and screening do not satisfy open space requirements. Bollards, curbs, wheel stops, or other similar features shall be provided to ensure that required open space areas are not used for off-street parking or any other vehicular use.

g.  Mechanical equipment, dumpsters, or service areas are prohibited in required open space areas.

h. All required open space areas shall be located and designed to take advantage of sunlight and other climatic advantages of the site.

Ord. 27,722 MCS, ยง4, April 11, 2018, Zoning Docket 113-17