New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 12/10/2023 11:52:10 PM

10.8 General Standards of Applicability

All Historic Core Neighborhood Districts are subject to the following standards:

10.8.A Accessory Structures and Uses   

See Section 21.6 for standards governing accessory structures and uses. 

10.8.B Temporary Uses   

See Section 21.8 for standards governing temporary uses.

10.8.C Site Development Standards   

See Article 21 for additional site development standards such as exterior lighting, environmental performance standards, and permitted encroachments. 

10.8.D Off-Street Parking and Loading   

See Article 22 for standards governing off-street parking and loading.

10.8.E Landscape, Stormwater Management, and Screening   

See Article 23 for standards governing landscape, stormwater management, and screening.

10.8.F Signs   

See Article 24 for standards governing signs.

10.8.G Overlay Districts   

See Article 18 for additional overlay district regulations, when applicable.

10.8.H Nonconformities   

See Article 25 for regulations governing nonconformities.

10.8.I Voluntary Inclusionary Zoning For For-Sale Properties in Historic Core Non-Residential Districts.   

Residential properties with an affordable for-sale component may avail themselves to the provisions provided herein.

In order to incentivize the construction of for-sale housing with the inclusion of affordable dwelling units, in the Historic Core Non-Residential Districts, density bonus and parking reductions shall be granted in exchange for the voluntary provision of affordable for-sale dwelling units. Developments containing fewer than ten (10) for-sale dwelling units that set aside at least one (1) unit OR developments containing ten (10) or more for-sale dwelling units that set-aside at least ten percent (10%) of units up to 120% Area Medium Income (AMI) or less shall be awarded a maximum of thirty percent (30%) reduction in the minimum lot area per dwelling unit requirements, a thirty percent (30%) reduction in required minimum lot width requirements and a thirty percent (30%) increase in the floor area ratio (FAR). Developments that meet these requirements and are subject to the off-street parking requirements of Article 22 shall be granted a fifty percent (50%) reduction of the required parking.

Developments opting to participate in the for-sale voluntary IZ program shall be developed in accordance with Article 28.

Adopted by Ord. 29566, 8-1-23, Zoning Docket 014-23